Documents are of central importance to our project and to the history of the Wallenberg case – from the Swedish diplomatic passport that was issued to Raoul Wallenberg in June 1944 which gave him the necessary official status to carry out his humanitarian mission in Hungary; the historic “Schutzpass” (Protective Passport) Wallenberg and his Swedish diplomatic colleagues issued to thousands of persecuted Jews; to the so-called Smoltsov Report of July 17, 1947 – the note supposedly signed by A.L. Smoltsov, head of the Lubyanka Prison Medical Department, and sent to the Soviet Minister of State Security Viktor Abakumov, informing him of Wallenberg’s death in Moscow’s Internal (Lubyanka) Prison.

Most of the documents turned over by Russian authorities during the 1990s and 2000s remain heavily censored. The RWI-70 works to obtain access to these documents in their original form, uncensored and in the original context. We also to seek the release of additional, still classified documentation in Russian and other international archives.

In this section, we will try to display or provide links to as many relevant documents, including official reports, as possible, in order to facilitate discussion and exchange among experts.