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Wallenberg Passport List, Budapest, Hungary

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From the introduction by Vivian Kahn


Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat whose efforts helped to prevent the deportation and murder of thousands of Hungarian Jews. With authorization from the Swedish government, Wallenberg issued "protective passports" (German: Schutz-Pass) that identified the bearers as Swedish subjects awaiting repatriation. These documents looked official and were generally accepted by German and Hungarian authorities. With funds raised by the US War Refugee Board, Wallenberg rented 32 buildings in Budapest and declared them to be extraterritorial, protected by diplomatic immunity.  He put up signs such as "The Swedish Library" and "The Swedish Research Institute" on their doors and hung oversize Swedish flags on the front of the buildings to bolster the deception. The buildings eventually housed almost 10,000 people. ....

This database currently includes 5,642 individuals who received "protective passports". (When completed, the database may include approximately 6,200 records.).

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