2016, September

Raoul Wallenberg – Not an Accidental Choice for Hungary 1944

By Susanne Berger and Dr. Vadim Birnstein

Paper analyzing Raoul Wallenberg’s personal and professional contacts that may have led to  his official appointment to the Budapest humanitarian mission in 1944. The essay is included in July 1944: Deportation of the Jews of Budapest Foiled (ed. Géza Jeszenszky, Helena History Press 2018).



An Inquiry Steered from the Top? Twenty-five years later, still many loose ends in three major Cold War cases

By Susanne Berger

A comparative analysis of the Swedish handling of three major Cold War cases – the loss of a Swedish DC-3 intelligence aircraft in 1952, the disappearance of 18 Swedish ships and their crews since World War II, and the fate of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg in the Soviet Union.


2012, December

Review of the Raoul Wallenberg Case 2012

By Ambassador Hans Magnusson

In connection with the 100th anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg’s birth, and prompted by calls from researchers and members of Raoul Wallenberg’s family, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt appointed Ambassador Hans Magnusson, the former Chairman of the Swedish Working Group, to conduct a formal review of the Wallenberg case, with a focus on Russian archives.


2005, August

Stuck in neutral – The Reasons behind Sweden’s Passivity in the Raoul Wallenberg Case

By Susanne Berger

Paper analyzing the possible reasons for Sweden’s extremely passive approach to the Wallenberg case since 1945.



Raoul Wallenberg and the Swedish Humint Actions During World War II

By Göran Rydeberg

Paper presented at a Conference in Budapest in September 2004 commemorating the 60th anniversary of the humanitarian action of Raoul Wallenberg



A diplomatic failure – Raoul Wallenberg and the Swedish Foreign Affairs Establishment



Swedish Aspects of the Raoul Wallenberg Case

By Susanne Berger

Susanne Berger, a consultant to the Swedish Working Group (1995-2001), summarizes and analyzes the official Swedish attitudes in the Wallenberg case since 1945.



Raoul Wallenberg – Ett öde Historik och nya forskningsfält

By Göran Rydeberg

In this report, Göran Rydeberg, a former archivist at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, summarizes the history of the Wallenberg case and outlines remaining areas of research



Report of the Swedish Working Group of the Raoul Wallenberg Case

Report of the Swedish side of the official Swedish-Russian Working Group that investigated Raoul Wallenberg’s fate in Russia from 1991-2000.—report-of-the-swedish-russian-working-group-copy/



Report on the activities of the Russian-Swedish working group for determining the fate of Raoul Wallenberg (1991-2000)


2000, December

Cell Occupancy Analysis of Korpus 2 of the Vladimir Prison

By Professor Marvin Makinen and Ari Kaplan

Professor Makinen served as an official consultant to the Swedish Working Group from 1991-2001. Ari Kaplan is a leading database expert who served as a consultant to the Swedish Working Group 1998-2001. With the help of prisoner registration cards, Makinen and Kaplan analyze the statements of witness who testified that they have heard of Raoul Wallenberg or a secret Swedish prisoner being incarcerated at Vladimir Prison, one of the Soviet Union’s most important isolation prisons, during the years 1947-1975.

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