Documentaries about Raoul Wallenberg

The first ever moving images of Raoul Wallenberg

Clip from the Swedish program "Kulturnyheterna", Culture News - ©SVT (Kulturnyheterna) Sweden

By Susanne Berger

In May 2017, the RWI-70 received a message from Swedish author and Wallenberg expert Gellert Kovacs. “I think I saw Raoul Wallenberg in a documentary about the Swedish Home Guard that aired last night on Swedish Television”. The next day, he sent RWI-70 the documentary and the moment we saw the footage, we realized Gellert was correct. It showed a Swedish Home Guard instructor overseeing soldiers’ training exercises at a shooting range during WWII. RWI-70 then contacted a producer with SVT (Björn Tunbäck). He managed to obtain the full-length clip from the Swedish program "Kulturnyheterna" (Culture News) and there was no doubt – we can now see the first ever moving images of Raoul Wallenberg.

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Nina Lagergren, Raoul Wallenberg’s sister, sees her brother’s moving image for the first time in over 70 years: Click here

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Upcoming Wallenberg Film

A documentary about one man's daring mission to save thousands from certain death and his own tragic disappearance. From Brad Rothschild, Emmy-winning producer Brian Mait and New York Times Bestselling author John U. Bacon.




More Documentaries

Raoul Wallenberg – l’Ange de Budapest (2006)
Director: Marcel Collet, 60 min.


Der Fall Raoul Wallenberg (2005)
Director: Klaus Dexel, Germany, 88 min.


Dead Men’s Secrets – Whatever Happened To Raoul Wallenberg? (2005)
The History Channel, USA, 45 min.
You Tube:


Searching for Raoul Wallenberg (2001)
Director: Robert L. Kimmel


Wallenberg, Autopsie d’une Disparition. Wallenberg où est la verité? (1996)
Director/Author: Jean-Charles Deniau, France, 52 min.


The Mission of Raoul Wallenberg (1990)
Director: Alexander Rodnyanskiy, Soviet Union, 72 min.


Raoul Wallenberg – Between the Lines (1986)
Director: Karin Altmann, Australia, 86 min.


Raoul Wallenberg – Buried Alive (1983)
Director: David Harel, Canada, 75 min.


Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg (1990)
Director: Kjell Grede, Sweden, Hungary and Norway, 118 min.


Wallenberg – A Hero’s Story (1985)
Director: Lamont Johnson, USA and Yugoslavia, 200 min.