25. März 2018

By Susanne Berger (Washington) and Dr. Vadim Birstein

In 1981, the Israeli government asked the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to keep specific records pertaining to the Raoul Wallenberg investigation secret, for fear they could reveal information about Israel's extensive intelligence network behind the Iron Curtain. Did other countries, including the U.S. and Russia, make similar arrangements with Sweden?  And did Swedish officials ever approach Russia and other foreign entities to keep specific information concerning the Wallenberg case classified in their archives? Members of Raoul Wallenberg's family are seeking answers to these and other questions from Swedish authorities with a new inquiry.

URL: https://www.rwi-70.de/the-family-of-swedish-diplomat-raoul-wallenberg-seeks-answers-to-lingering-questions-about-his-fate-with-a-new-inquiry-in-sweden/