January 17, 2021

Why did Raoul Wallenberg ask to go to Moscow in January 1945?

By Susanne Berger and Vadim Birstein

January 17 marks the 76th anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg’s disappearance in the Soviet Union. Wallenberg experts Susanne Berger and Vadim Birstein present important new information and questions about the circumstances about Wallenberg’s first encounters with Soviet military counterintelligence in Hungary in 1945. Raoul Wallenberg apparently hoped that the Soviet Marshal Rodion Malinovsky would help him to contact Soviet officials in Moscow „or to go there.“ The reason for Wallenberg’s request is not known. If confirmed, such a request may have heightened the distrust of Soviet military and counterintelligence officers of the young Swedish diplomat. It also possibly affected the Swedish government’s response to Wallenberg’s disappearance.

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December 9, 2020

The 1943-1944 Secret Swedish-Hungarian intelligence agreement: Possible implications for the Raoul Wallenberg case

Susanne Berger and Vadim Birstein
Eschenlohe: Buxus Edition, 2020

Newly obtained documentation from the archive of the Swedish military intelligence service (MUST) suggests that several previously unknown factors may have influenced the Swedish government’s passive approach to Raoul Wallenberg’s disappearance in 1945. In particular, there are indications that Swedish intelligence operations in Hungary may have compromised Raoul Wallenberg in the eyes of Swedish officials. Both Wallenberg’s humanitarian mission in the second half of 1944, as well as his disappearance should now be viewed in this broader and more complex context.

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June 2020

The Raoul Wallenberg Research Initiative (RWI-70)

We are planning to publish the research results of three International Round Tables (2016-2018)

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May 10, 2018

July 1944. Deportation of the Jews of Budapest Foiled

Edited by Géza Jeszenszky
Sant Helena CA: Helena History Press LLC, 2018

G. Jeszenszky is historian, former Hungarian Foreign Minister, Ambassador to the USA, Norway and Ireland.

„Raoul Wallenberg – Not an Accidental Choice for Hungary in 1944“
Contribution by Susanne Berger and Dr. Vadim Birstein

Deportation of the Jews of Budapest Foiled


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